Portal of Evil, though providing news and evil email, is mainly a search engine of weird sites (like goatse.cx) that are put on display for the intellectually "upper middle class" of internet junkies to make fun of. This is the ultimate freak show of the internet, and you can busy yourself for days on end with this deliciously shameless site.
Laugh at the Fat Chicks in Party Hats. Play "Jerk your Own Adventure". View scads of bizarre porn, hentai, and fetish sites, and guffaw at the hilariously inept amateur comic strips and bad geocities pages created by retarded children, religious fanatics, and real- life Jean Teasdales.
I'm pretty sure I milked this site dry of entertainment value for myself, but new stuff is added every day, and once in awhile something comes along to rekindle my interest. If you've never been, it's definetly worth a trip, especially is you're into black humor. Or evil.


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