A weblog of sorts. Or, should I say, a freelog. Content of Evil is a freesite (a website in Freenet) that has numerous things:

First and foremost, it has weird photos. Not necessarily anything to do with anything. Sometimes the pictures are just sick, scary or shocking. Sometimes they're absolutely hilarious. (Recent examples: A picture of van, about to sink in the water, with name "Titanic" on its side; A picture of little girl reading Applied Cryptography...)

Then, the site has rambling about recent events, interesting things going on in Freenet, and so on.

It also has information of interest to freesite builders and documents and files on various topics.

It also has links to other freesites.

All in all, it's a fairly normal freesite - something that shines for its original style, not that it would be marketable in WWW... well, maybe it would be marketable in WWW.

As of writing, the site appears to be at freenet:MSK@SSK@9BRxNPeBdBVvWUIJb7etC52nlUUQAgE/ContentOfEvil//

(Not, of course, affiliated with Portal of Evil.)

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