Noted as the singer and charismatic front man for the early 80's UK band Bauhaus. After the bands break-up in '83 he pursued various musical projects. These include Dali's Car, and his self titled solo efforts. Populist hits include "All Night Long" and "Cuts You Up". Though his work has detractors (some justified) it is nonetheless rewarding and interesting to those who have followed his career.

Taught to me by a neighbor girl who grew up to be a minister's wife, Peter Murphy is a naughty little ditty of the same sort as Miss Lucy had a steamboat, wherein the last line of each set suggests a taboo word that leads off the opening line of the next set of lines.

Peter Murphy had a dog, a very fine dog was he,
He gave him to a lady friend to keep her company.
She taught it, she taught it, she taught it how to jump.
It jumped up on her petticoat and bit her on her ...

Country boy, country boy, sitting on a rock.
Along came a bee and stung him on his ...

Cottontail, ginger ale, thirty cents a glass.
If you don't believe my story, shove it up your ...

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
If you ever get hit with a bucket of sh**, be sure to close your eyes.

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