The Legendary Pink Dots is a rather indescribable band. If you had a band that was part psychedelic, part industrial, and part experimental, they would be nothing like the Legendary Pink Dots, but they would be closer than most.

The LPD started in 1980, known as "One Day", which soon changed to the Legendary Pink Dots as a result of people noticing pink stains on April White's keyboard, and saying, "Look! There's those legendary pink dots!" or something to that effect. The members of the group usually play with various noms de plume.

The LPD have had several different band members, some of whom come and go. However, Edward Ka-Spel, lead vocalist, and the Silverman (otherwise known as Phil Knight), keyboardist. Other members who have been on many albums include Niels Van Hoornblower (saxophone, flute, and clarinet), and Ryan Moore (bass, guitar, and drums).

The members of the LPD have done numerous side projects.

The Tear Garden is a collaberation between Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key and the LPD.

Ryan Moore has his own project, the Twilight Circus, which involves dub.

Edward Ka-Spel has done several works of his own, as well.

The Silverman has completed a solo record or two.

The LPD have also collaberated with H.N.A.S. to form the group "Mimir".

LPD have also done a few tracks with the bands Current 93, and Nurse With Wound.

Including side projects, they've done over 50 albums, many of them very rare. Some albums have been limited to as few as 10 copies.

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