A Serbian novelist and poet with only a few novels in translation. These being landscape painted with tea (a crossword puzzle), the inner side of the wind (which can be read from back to front, or vice versa), both the male and female editions of dictionary of the khazars, and last love in constantinople. very rooted in magical realism. in a electronic search of my institution of "higher learning," they have many untranslated books of his in their library.

B. 1929 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Milorad Pavic is a Serbian prose writer, poet, historian, essayist, and singularly-embodied textual factory of phantom words and hypertextual imaginings. Pavic is a lecturer at a number of renowned European universites: New Sorbonne, Vienna, Novi Sad, Freiburg, Regensburg, Belgrade. Pavic is not affiliated with any political party.

Pavic's work has been translated over 80 times in different languages through the world. Nominated for the Nobel prize in literature. His wife is Jasmina Mihajlovic, writer and literary critic.

Pavic is well-respected not only for his historical research and expertise on Serbian literature, but also for his finely-crafted fiction and the postmodernist poetics employed in many of his texts. Pavic is a favorite of American hypertext theorists including Robert Coover and Michael Joyce. His texts weave in and out of plot lines and sequential narratives, thereby disrupting the classical flow of narrative structure. Coover names Pavic in that counter-class of writers who have sought, in one way or another, to deconstruct classical notions about the text (advanced by literary critics such as T. S. Eliot, Northrop Frye, Plato, and even the Russian structuralists. These writers want to replace printed text with hypertext, nonlinear hyperfiction. Coover writes,
Of course, through print's long history, there have been countless strategies to counter the line's power, from marginalia and footnotes to the creative innovations of novelists like Laurence Sterne, James Joyce, Raymond Queneau, Julio Cortázar, Italo Calvino and Milorad Pavic, not to exclude the form's father, Cervantes himself." (The New York Times, June 21, 1992)
Coover, and others, have suggested that Pavic's well-known The Dictionary of the Khazars lends itself well to the hypertext form. Pavic's wife wrote,
What would a possible hypertext version of the Dictionary of the Khazars look like? The entries would form a movable net in the hyperspace, and the signs-leaders, i.e. the crucial points, the spots of junction, that would be the reader's choice in his creation of the path of reading, would enable moving with various entries and exits, beginnings and ends. For instance: according to the alphabetic system, temporal segments, religious triads or by the way of any given word-signs. It is possible to follow up only referential signs themselves given in the printed version of the Dictionary of the Khazars (the cross, the star, the moon and the triangle) that already make possible leaps as regards sense and the creation of reader's forking. This is to say that by means of a computer version of the novel it would be easier to carry out the system of linking the stories-entries
Although I have not seen it, apparently the Center Group in Belgrade has published a CD-ROM versions of The Dictionary and some of Pavic's shorter can be found in electronic format across the web.

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