Fourth and final album from proto-Goth band Bauhaus, recorded while the band were on the verge of breaking up to explore separate careers. While it is not as thematically cohesive as their earlier albums, as a collection of songs it's superb. Six or seven of the original ten tracks could easily have been released as singles.

The original form of this album is very depressing, and probably has a lot to do with the cloud of despair that I lived in during my sixteenth year (Original Soundtrack by Bauhaus, Siouxsie, and Psychic TV). The American version of the CD still has the same tracklist. However, the UK version includes four extra tracks that completely change the overall mood of the album, by including the fast-paced "Lagartija Nick" and "The Sanity Assassin" and the eery nightmare/ballad "Departure". I recommend buying the UK version - the extra tracks are well worth having.

Tracks (UK version):

  1. She's in Parties - moody, atmospheric, easily adapted to dramatic dancing. A true Goth anthem, almost as big a hit as "Bela Lugosi's Dead".
  2. Antonin Artaud - I never could figure out why those Indians wank on his bones...
  3. Wasp - (zip zip)
  4. King Volcano - a dirge, perhaps for us, or for our favourite Goth band. Slow deathbeat drums.
  5. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight - Lyrically, this song is the distilled essence of Bauhaus. Disjointed images flowing past us iwth a slow piano beat. Goddamnit I love this. We can't paint any pictures as the Moon had all our brushes...
  6. Slice of Life - Acoustic punk. Yum. Her gaze hit the side of mine, so I opened it out to destroy what you thought was difference. Daniel Ash on vocals.
  7. Honeymoon Croon - Back to the beat. Heavy drums and Peter Murphy's patented snarl. "I'll be a good boy, I'll never fear."
  8. Kingdom's Coming - It's too late now, can't turn back, your kingdom came today.
  9. Burning from the Inside - Reminiscent of "Mask".
  10. Hope - this strange departure ends the original album on an almost happy note, assuring us Your mornings will be brighter...
  11. Lagartija Nick - Ratchet the guitars back up and cue the drums for one of the group's fastest pop songs. Crack the whip, indeed.
  12. Here's the Dub (special effects by "Loonatik & Drinks") - Acoustic dub version of "She's in Parties". I suspect David J is the one who kept inserting these dub tracks in Bauhaus's albums, but I've never been able to verify the theory.
  13. Departure - The latch became a fingertip, touching his own... some of the best surrealistic nightmares ever.
  14. The Sanity Assassin - another fast-paced masterpiece with some impressive wailing from Mr. Murphy. He drops a capsule in your drink and spikes your dreams with madness!

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