Parkade is a band from Edmonton, Alberta. Their sound is hard to pigeon-hole, so they might as well be thrown under the banner of post-rock. They're earlier stuff is a bit harsher, like a combination of Bitch Magnet, KPunk Modest Mouse, and Flying Saucer Attack, while their newer songs have a more matured sound, incorporating elements of electronica and Drone-Rock, they now sound closer to The For Carnation, or The Sea and Cake. Their song "the Cadillacs" sounds like Arovane, only with more lyrics.

All the members are graduates of the improvisational group "Music For Plants", and have played with Archer Prewitt, and Sam Prekop of The Sea and Cake, and Dale Morningstar of the Dinner is Ruined. They were evicted from the stage when they opened for The Smalls. They have also opened for Fugazi.

They recently released an album on Calgary's Catch and Release records, a record label devoted to releasing the works of artists who have not yet had their music released, or are not positioned for large scale release. You can hear Parkade by going to

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