Member of The Sea and Cake, his solo work sounds quite a bit less like TSAC than Sam Prekop, since Prewitt doesn't write the lyrics or sing for TSAC like Prekop does.

Prewitt founded the Coctails in Kansas City; the band moved to Chicago a few years later, and with a few other transplants are responsible for the Chicago "post-rock" scene. Prewitt also draws a comic, Sof' Boy.

So what does Prewitt sound like? I've heard it sounds like "70's AM pop," but since I was only alive in the 70's for a year and a half I couldn't really give a personal opinion about it. It's got the same melancholy of The Sea and Cake, but with no electronics and lusher instrumentation.

In the Sun - 1997, Hi-ball Records
White Sky - 1999, Carrot Top (CD), Hi-ball Records (LP)

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