I thought this was cool.

  1. Go to http://www.geocode.com/eagle.html-ssi and give it your address. Be sure the box at the bottom is set to 'Address Info'. Press the 'Request' button. You now have the lat/lon for your address.
  2. Go to http://www.terraserver.com/advfind.asp and give it the lat/lon you just got from the previous step.
Nifty, eh?
Note that these images were taken in 1996, at best. Now, go to: http://www.terraserver.com/image.asp?S=10&T=101&X=1582&Y=21603&Z=18&W=1

Welcome to Bethesda, Maryland! (39:00:59.620N, 77:07:11.082W)

The horizontal road is the famous Washington Beltway. The almost-vertical road is Old Georgetown Rd.

On Old Georgetown, you should see 4 splotches. To the right of these is an access road that runs parallel to Old Georgetown. To the right of the northmost tree is a horizontal road, Jarvis lane, which hits the access road.

On that corner is a dark-rooved structure that is blocked by trees and is hard to make out. But trust me, it's there. This is where our hero, Bob the Cow, does his fantabulous noding, and cooks up evil schemes to kidnap EDB and his not-so-evil plan to eventually become level 6. If you have any questions, such as more precise coordinates for your missile, please /msg me.

Note: the rest of this writeup has been moved to Bob's tour of Bethesda! Go!

A new alternative to TerraServer for overhead aerial photographs is GlobeXplorer (http://www.globexplorer.com) who apparently has a deal with MapQuest (http://www.mapquest.com) to provide users with aerial photographs when you put your address in.

The resolution on these photographs was fuzzy, but you can zoom in more tightly - I could see my car as a black pixel on the side of the road. The pictures also have a little yearstamp on the lower left corner, mine said 2000.
addendum: I believe that MapQuest has discontinued with providing this service. However, you may find Microsoft TerraServer to be helpful - http://terraserver.microsoft.com/ it provided me with better maps than those that were at Mapquest.

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