We'll start our tour at my place. Since all of you live either in China or Canada, certainly not nearby, we'll have to use Terraserver.com. Note that these images were taken in 1996, at best. Now, go to: http://www.terraserver.com/image.asp?S=10&T=101&X=1582&Y=21603&Z=18&W=1

Welcome to Bethesda, Maryland! (39:00:59.620N, 77:07:11.082W)

The horizontal road is the famous Washington Beltway. The almost-vertical road is Old Georgetown Rd.

On Old Georgetown, you should see 4 splotches. To the right of these is an access road that runs parallel to Old Georgetown. To the right of the northmost tree is a horizontal road, Jarvis lane, which hits the access road.

On that corner is a dark-rooved structure that is blocked by trees and is hard to make out. But trust me, it's there. This is where our hero, Bob the Cow, does his fantabulous noding, and cooks up evil schemes to kidnap EDB and his not-so-evil plan to eventually become level 6. If you have any questions, such as more precise coordinates for your missile, please /msg me.

Sights of Bethesda:

To the north, along Old Georgetown Rd.: http://www.terraserver.com/image.asp?S=10&T=101&X=1581&Y=21607&Z=18&W=1
In this shopping complex is where Bob gets his hair cut, and then picks up his sushi.

A bit further:
The famous Giant where I buy my foodstuffs and caffeine. To the left is Walter Johnson high school, whose students fill up the Bagel Bakery at 11:00 every day.

Go south, and you'll see the Beltway.

After that:
This is the huge and ugly old folk's home, visible for miles.

This is the YMCA, where Bob buffs up to prepare for his battle against the Death Borg.

Still on Old Georgetown:
This is NIH.

More of NIH, note the Medical Center metro stop, where Bob catches a bus home.

Still on Old Georgetown (it's diagonal, now.): http://www.terraserver.com/image.asp?S=10&T=101&X=1590&Y=21587&Z=18&W=1
Go even further south, and you'll be smack-dab in the middle of Bethesda, the most restauranty (restauraunchy?) place on Earth! (tm). See if you can spot me!

This is where Old Georgetown hits happy, little Wisconsin Avenue. We can take it all the way to DC! (If we were so inclined.) Also, the Tastee Diner is at the top. (Thanks, coffy.)

Note the police station on the corner in the center, a parking garage up and to the right, and a movie theater (triangular, with a whole in the center) on the bottom left.

Oooh! A golf course! Perfect for the rich suburbanites who commute by here!

Okay, back to the shopping area, the funky-shaped building in the center has a Clyde's, where we can go for lunch. On the left is Hecht's, for all your bomb-threat needs. (Don't ask.) At the bottom is the Bethesda Metro station, and the District line, which we dare not cross.

People to see:
Well, there seem to be quite a few Everythingians in Bethesda, here's everyone that i know of:
Bob the Cow
Coffy - lives in Kensington, works in Bethesda
I might also mention binarydreams, who lives in nearby Silver Spring.
/msg me if you want to be on this list and you actually live or work in Bethesda. Also, check out The Everything People Registry : United States :Maryland for more Marylanders!
Goodnight, folks!

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