October 2 to 6 2002, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) was founded In 1976 by the Canadian Film Institute, the 22th edition has grown to be the largest animation festival in North America and second in the world only to the Annecy International Animation Festival.

And the winners are...

Independent Short Films

Grand Prize: Home Road Movies by Robert Bradbrook, Great Britain
An insecure father believes the family car will make him a better parent.
Best Narrative Short Film under 40 min: Flux by Christopher Hinton, Canada
The frenzied pace of family life.
NFB Award for Best Non-Narrative Film: a.z by Tim Szetela, United States
Abstract thoughts of a typewriter.
Best Film Made for Children: Tornehekken (Hedge of Thorns) by Anita Killi, Norway
Two children are separated when war breaks out and their respective villages are separated by the front line.

Commissioned Films

Grand Prize: NSPCC - 'Cartoon' by Frank Budgen and Russell Brooke, Great Britain
Mixed live action and animation, uses cartoon violence to denounce cruelty to children.
Best Educational, Scientific or Industrial Film/Video: Mr. Roboto by Steve Angel, Canada
A Sesame Street sketch that teches children about Forward and Backward movement.
Best Advertising Film: Sony Playstation 2 - 'The Wolfman' by Tim Hope, Great Britain
Combines photocopies and 3D Computer Rendering
Best Station/Program Identification: YTV Campaign by Frank Falcone, Canada
8 second blipverts of strange, mucus-dripping creatures.
Best Music Video: Coldplay - 'Don't Panic' by by Tim Hope, Great Britain
Our beautiful world, threatened by the environmental disasters we have unleashed.
Best Television Series: Samurai Jack by Genndy Tartakovsky, United States
Jack and the Blind Archers: Samurai Jack must defeat three blind archers defending a magical wishing well.
Best Animation for the Internet: Twang by Christopher Hinton, Canada
A startingly, ambiguously tangy bit of visual twang for web connoisseurs.
Best Animated Feature Film: Waking Life by Richard Linklater, United States
Explores the question "Are we sleep-walking through our waking state or are we wake-walking through our dreams?". Read the nodes under Waking Life
  Second Prize: Mutant Aliens by Bill Plympton, United States
An astronaut marooned in space for 20 years returns to earth and takes revenge on those responsible.
Public Prize: Slakt and Vänner (Family and Friends) by Jonas Odell, Sweden
A glimpse of family life.
Gordon Bruce Award for Humour: Leunig: 'How Democracy Actually Works' by Andrew Horne, Australia
Your vote does matter.
Mike Gribble Award for Most Hilarious Film: Leunig: 'How Democracy Actually Works' by Andrew Horne, Australia
Jury's Special Mention: Leunig: 'How Democracy Actually Works' by Andrew Horne, Australia

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