A Bill Plympton Film

Format: DVD
Rating: R
Length: 177 minutes


Mutant Aliens is an animated film from the insane mind of artist, director, and writer Bill Plympton. The film begins with astronaut Earl Jensen and the events that Dr. FUBAR makes happen that lead to his spaceship being lost in space. After being lost in space Jensen is rescued by alien noses (giant human noses) and is brought back to their planet. Carnage ensues.

20 years later Earl Jensen returns to earth with a crew of mutant aliens of which he hopes will help him enact his revenge on the men responsible for him being lost in space.

Main Characters

  • Earl Jensen
  • Earl Jensen's daughter
  • The Queen Nose
  • The Flying Fish
  • Dr. FUBAR

My thoughts on the movie

To say the very least, this movie is one of the most graphically intense movies I have ever watched, and it's animated. That's saying something. The movie is definitely not for children, hell the movie isn't for people with a weak stomach either as it features gratuitous violence and lots of sex, and sexual innuendo. One of the images that has stuck into my mind from this movie is the head of nasa (appropriately named Dr. FUBAR) sucking off a giant rocket called the Adship.

The ideas behind the movie itself are basically satirical and bold. Characters are martyred in the name of science, big business strikes back, you know the same old stuff we're used to now a days.

My description of the movie: One of the most fucked up, odd, bold, and funniest movie's you'll ever see.


DVD Special Features

  • Feature Length Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Aliens Mutation Game
  • Commentary by Bill Plympton

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