My english teacher was telling me about a note he found on his door about 6 months ago, from a student, pinned to the door sometime during the night.

It was from a student with a long story about how one day, while doing homework, he suddenly felt the most enormous urge to just stand up and howl. But he didn't. He resisted. A few days later he suddenly became totally terrified of the light, and jumped into a corner huddled up into a ball, panting, and fearing the light being emitted from the lamp. Within about 10 minutes the feeling passed, and he was no longer afraid of the light.

My english teacher left notes pinned to his door late at night, and they would always be collected by the next day. He only consoled him, and tried to make him feel less akward, but was constantly aware that it well be a hoax.

But for 4 and a half months the letters would be pinned to his door every two nights, and the teacher's letters would be collected on the other ones. The person leaving these letters started to feel stronger urges to howl or pant or run, and he got them more frequently too. Towards the end of these 4 and a half months this..."Wolfman" (as I dubbed him) would run out of his house late at night, and run out of our town to the nearby hills, and when he reached their tops he would run on all fours, howling as loud as he wanted, yelling, panting, sprinting. He had found others like him on the internet. Not werewolfs, not furry beasts, but "wolfmen". As the letters got more and more extreme, they suddenly, one day, stopped. And we'll never know who the Wolfman really is.

But if he isn't just a prankster, he's someone I eat lunch with, someone I know, speak to. It's a small school, and hell, he could be the guy I share my room with.

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