A metaphor for fighting down to the last bit of strength and ability. Suggestive of a person fighting using theor fingernails and teeth in a last ditch attempt to stop the opponent.

Examples: The NRA would fight tooth and nail to keep the public able to own guns.
The ACLU would fight tooth and nail to keep the U.S. Constitution alive.
Dem bones would fight against the destruction of Everything tooth and nail.

you are committed
you tell me

and do not call
and do not write
and do not answer the questions

you say "I will answer any question"

if someone makes a promise
and doesn't keep it

is it a broken promise
or was it a lie all along

and are those any different?

you love me you say
you think of me all the time

and what good does that do me

you loved it best
I know before you tell me
when I was in your bed
to surprise you

and three days after
you commit again

you do not want me
at the dinner with friends

why? I say
you say you love me

too confusing, you say

too confusing
but you are committed

or really, you ought to be
crazy making

and how do the bodhisattvas laugh
and refuse to fight the projection?


they refuse to fight the projection

I have been fighting tooth and claw

retract my claws
hide my teeth


I refuse to fight the projection

I laugh

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