Havalina Rail Co. Is a folk/swing band from Long Beach, California. They were created in 1992.

Havalina Rail Co. is known for fusing together different types of music, and for reinterpreting musical styles. For instance, their album Russian Lullabies is the band's attempt to do what Igor Stravinsky once did with jazz. Stravinsky attempted to compose pieces based on what he had read about jazz without ever actually having heard jazz music. The music ended up being a completely new creation, neither jazz, nor the same as what Stravinsky had previously written. Likewise, Havalina Rail Co.'s interpretation of Eastern Europe, is nothing like Eastern European music, and also unlike anything else.

Their lyrics often include a Christian veiwpoint on a variety of themes. "Total Depravity" focuses on topics from the philosophies of Calvin, and quotes from Job. "The Lovesick Blues of a Young Soviet Proletariate" portrays a person struggling with living under a repressive government.

1996: The Diamond in the Fish: Tooth and Nail Records
1996: Self Titled: Tooth and Nail Records
1999: Russian Lullabies: Jackson Rubio
1999: America: Jackson Rubio

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