One Microsoft Way actually does exist.

The main Microsoft campus, in Redmond, is actually a triangle. Three streets form this triangle: 156th Ave N.E., N.E. 40th St., and Bel-Red Rd. (as the hypotenuse). One Microsoft way is almost not in Redmond. It is about an eigth of a mile from the Bellevue town line.

Most of all the streets in Washington are numbered, even in-between streets. One Microsoft Way is between NE 39th street and cuts in at the intersection and heads on to an intersection with 156th. (Look on MapQuest for a little better directions, and placement info).

What will you find on One Microsoft Way? A few things. Driving off of 39th street, you'll be driving past Building 16 to your left, and Building 19 (recruiting) to your right. Following through the intersection, you will see on your left a really nice Soccer / Baseball field (with volleyball court in the far corner). On any given weekend day, employees bring their families to the field to play. It's quite a nice little park they have. On your right is an odd looking (relative to the rest of MS) Building 11, and Building 11a.

After the soccer field, you will come up to an unintentionally famous site. It is the picture of Microsoft you see on the news: a large Microsoft logo in the side of a rock (brick?) face, with the MS product flags flown above it. Whenever they speak of "the software giant Microsoft", you will see that photo, as it makes the campus looks as spacious as possible (across the fields, buildings in the distance, etc).

One Microsoft Way is a symbolic address, as mail is obviously not received there (I have no idea where). The road is too small, and there are no loading docks there. It is probably handled in one of the many satellite campuses at Microsoft. It is more a symbol of life in the Pacific Northwest; a token of the small culture of people that has sprung up inside of the Microsoft "community" and the many companies that serve the corporate entity, and their employees.

Legal disclaimer: I am not divulging any confidential information, or in any way violating my NDA in this writeup. You could get any of this by driving through there. Any taxi driver knows how to find their way to any of the buildings (which by the way are marked). The function of Building 19, recruiting, is written on the sign on the corner.

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