1. A ninja team employed by nokia for a number of reasons, including the infamous ninja death squad, hostile corporate takeovers, corporate espionage, termination of irate customers, and instruments of public relations - after all alliteration is the key to marketing.

    The Nokia Ninja® are also used internally - despite it's happy outgoing image, Nokia is actually the manifestation of a secret cloak and dagger freemasons society. It is believed that the Nokia Ninja®, the real power behind their puppet Board of Directors, hold a seat in the High Council of Evil Corporation.

  2. A person who is exceptionally skilled in the addictive games stored on the Nokia Mobile Phone. Of these, the Nokia Snake Ninja is undoubtedly the most common.

    Nokia Ninja® have skillz far far superior to that of the mortal foo' civilian populous. Traits including fast reflexes, quick thinking, and supernatural abilities combine to make one of the deadliest mobile phone users known to man.

    Their numbers are far and few. Generally, skilled users consists of those with some minor skills and potential - the adepts. Occasionally some of those few undergo the metamorphisis to become a fully fledged Nokia Ninja, but for the most part, they are an elite rank.

    I wish I was a Nokia Ninja.

    Coming soon to a node near you: The Nokia Snake Guide.

The Nokia Ninja® is a registered trademark and merchandise of Nokia Corporation. Available as a mobile phone accesories in red, blue, black or transparent for $4.95 at your nearest Nokia reseller.

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