Some (and I'm not sure which, but at least the 7110) newer Nokia phones have 'Snake II', an updated version of the original Snake game which is much the same except that:

  • The 'world' wraps around - move off the top and reappear on the bottom, etc.

  • There is a maze, of sorts. On the 7110 it is always the same 'maze', but I have seen other models which give a choice of 9 or 10 mazes.

  • Occasionally (after ever 5 'dots' eaten, perhaps) some kind of insecty thing appears, along with a countdown. The countdown starts at 20 and is decremented for each step your snake takes. Eat the insecty thing before the countdown reaches zero for bonus points. The points awarded are equal to (5*(level+1) + 2*countdown_remaining).

  • The snake itself has basic features. Whereas in Snake I the snake was entirely made of large square blocks it now has a head, a tail and a wiggly body.

All of the above is from memory. Being a Nokia Snake purist I don't play Snake II (or is it because I left my 7110 in a taxi one night when I was drunk? I forget).

Funnily enough, since I wrote that writeup (about 6 hours ago) I left my Nokia 6xxx (at this point in time I would take the battery off and check the model number, but I can't right now) on a bus. Upon calling the phone from a public phone box I was informed that the phone 'is currently engaged'... So maybe soon I'll be buying a Snake 2 compatible replacement phone and can then remove all the 'maybe's and 'probably's from this writeup.

I now have a 6210, which does indeed feature Snake 2. It is much like the Snake 2 on the 7110 other than that you can chose between 5 different mazes, or no maze at all.

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