This little quote informs you that the Random nodelet was generated according to the likes and dislikes of your mother's or your father's mother, aka your Grandmother. This is a truely remarkable piece of code that can accurately predict the preferences of your ancestors.

I have observed a major bug in this code. My grandmother would certainly not like several of the nodes that have popped up in the Random Nodes box - including such gems as butt fungus and rough sex.

At least I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have liked them...

Actually, this nodelet is not buggy at all; it is just more powerful than you could possibly imagine. The nodelet actually creates an alternate universe in which both of your grandmothers are a) dead and b) ideologically aligned with the authors of a pseudo-random selection of e2 articles, even if that selection include articles with mutually-exclusive views. The incredible talent that went into coding this reality-warping engine is proof that the Everything Development Co. is the team from whom to buy the weird science machine that you need for attracting members of the opposite sex, convincing your parents to accept your weird views, overthrowing global capitalism, etc.

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