Formerly the Canadian Church of Stuff, we changed our name to reflect our international membership, spanning several countries including Canada, the United States, Great Britian, and Australia.

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"If nobody believed in god, would anybody ever be hurt in his name?"

Come one, come all, to the greatest show on earth!

The Curch of Stuff is a religion for free-thinkers, atheists, agnostics, malcontents, skeptics, oddballs and rebels who, whatever they may be, are fiercely protective of their right to express their personal identities and individualism. Our philosophy is founded on a simple principle: Nobody has the right to force anyone to think in any one specific way. We feel people should only be forced to think for themselves. There is nothing more abhorrent to the sensibilities of the typical Stuffist than seeing people forced to think and act contrary to their natures.

This is not a religion for everybody. We acknowledge that many people are quite content to follow the herd, and in fact, it's quite possible that many people are simply incapable of being anything but what they're told to be by the society around them. But for those rare people who cannot and will not abide by the idea of being a herd animal, the CoS exists to provide a combination of strength of numbers and the fellowship of kindred spirits.


Membership is free, no obligation, and all that fun stuff (no money back guarantee, though. Live with it). All you do, is send an e-mail to a contact person, and you're basically in.

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