Niedermeyer's Mind is Korn's first recorded release, i.e. a demo tape recorded way back in 1993. The sound of this demo is not that different to their first album, so it is basically just lots of heavy, distorted riffs and loud, yet emotional screaming from the unique voice of Jonathan Davis. This is worth a LOT of money to Korn fans, and if you manage to find a cassette version of this relic, consider yourself lucky (in more than one way).

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Alive
    Although Alive was scrapped before the debut album, a few parts were ressurrected and transformed into "Need To", the third track off Korn's first album..
  2. Blind
    The demo version of Blind was much less rap-influenced in terms of beats, and featured more metal riffs than the one on KoRn's self-titled album, track 1. The basic progression is the same though.
  3. Daddy
    Although also Daddy was strikingly different than the one on KoRn's self titled album , the basic progression is the same, as well as the disturbing nature of the lyrics (while slighty different). This made it to track 12 on the album.
  4. Predictable
    Predictable remained basically the same in the transition to the self-titled first album. This made it to track number 7.

This is one of the rarest demo tapes in modern metal, so if you see it, buy it and show it to your grandkids.

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