Mykel and Carli Allan were childhood friends of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. They were the driving force behind the fanclub in it's early days. Unfortunatly, along with their sister Trysta, they passed away July 9, 1997 en route to Salt Lake City. A compilation CD called "Hear you me!" was released in thier honor. The track listing is as follows:
The lyrics to Weezer's song Mykel and Carli:

Back in Wilson High
I had two best friends
They lived down the block
Where Eagle Court ends
One she cared for my bones
Fed me ice-cream cones
One she cared for my happiness
And wouldn't leave me alone
Back in Wilson High
Said I had these two best friends
Till the school bus came
and took my friends away
Now I'm left alone at home
To sit and think all day
Hear you me, Mykel
Hear you me, Carli
They gave me a hat
the hat was awful rad
wore it everyday
Made my teacher mad
She tore it off my head
Now my head's well read
My head gets cold at night sometimes
But I can't be misled

Mykel and Carli Allan were two sisters living in L.A. in the early nineties who loved music and going to shows to catch the latest bands. On July 9th 1992 they caught a show by a struggling new band called Weezer and were hooked. From that point on they attended every show they could and were among the band’s most hardcore fans, as well as good friends. They often brought baked goods for the band to enjoy after the show. When the band was signed by Geffen Records in 1993, the girls even went so far as to make replicas of the necklace talismans given to KISS (Rivers' favorite group) in the film "Phantom of the Park" for the Weezer boys, complete with a red velvet lined case. In return, Rivers cooked up a special song in their honor, "Mykel and Carli".

After the success of the Blue Album (which featured Mykel’s voice in Undone), fans were searching everywhere for lyrics because they were not included with the CD. Rivers had decided that the lyrics should be a special treat for those fans who wrote and requested them, so he asked the girls if they would send them out to fans who asked. Mykel and Carli did this happily, and in 1994 went one step further and started the official Weezer fan club (assigning themselves #0001 and #0002).

They worked non-stop to make the fan club a great experience, sending out yearly gifts, and calling members individually to inform them of appearances by the band. Unlike many fan clubs, Weezer’s had a personal touch thanks to the girls. When they would follow the boys on their tours, they would hold fan gatherings in each city, going out for food and drinks with local members.

They were on the way to one of these gatherings with their sister Trysta when they were run off in a single-car accident. The three were killed instantly, but the car was hidden from the road so was not discovered right away. Unaware of what had occurred, Weezer played that night’s show, and then made it through two more before canceling the next to attend the memorial service.

A fan, Tim, attended the service and gave his impression:
"The memorial service was held at 2:00 pm, July 14th, at the Orem Park 10th ward meeting house of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints, in Orem, Utah. I had the pleasure of attending the memorial and graveside services. Mykel, Carli, and Trysta's father (Wayne) gave an introduction, and eulogies were offered for Mykel, Carli, and Trysta by Claudia (their mother), Kenyan (their brother), and Tyler (their brother), respectively. After the memorial service concluded, we proceeded to Springville, Utah. Several members of the band were among a group of approximately twenty pallbearers. After the graves were dedicated by the girls' paternal grandfather, the crowd mingled, and people gave their love to the girls' family. At the end of the service, before people left, Karl placed two special Weezer hats, one on Mykel's grave, one on Carli's grave."

The passing of the girls has come to be recognized as one of the causes for Weezer's extended downtime. The girls were a very special part of Weezer, and though Karl took over fan club duties (until the website duties became too much to do both), they will always be remembered for everything they did to further Weezer’s successes.

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