Mr. Wong is the title of a brilliant Macromedia Flash web cartoon, written by Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch and carried on

It features highly offensive language, extreme racial stereotypes and some very poor taste, and is consequently funny as hell.

Currently running to eleven episodes, it's got a cult following, largely due to that fact that it has unusually high production standards - excellent incidental music, quality voice talent, and some real Ren and Stimpy-style Ewww! moments..

It is the story of Mr. Wong, who is the aging and foulmouthed Chinese Majordomo for the beautiful, manipulative and sadistic New-York socialite Miss Penny.

As an indicator of it's success, I was riding the bus across San Francisco the other day and I even saw a flyposter advertising the new series!

I recommend you check it out *right now*, but don't come crying to me if you find it offensive...

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