Hey there everyone. Welcome to my to-do list.

This is a writeup so that content editors /gods can edit it.

I'm responsible for:
    There used to be a list here. Now, it is no longer worth it to maintain it. I'm responsible for stuff. Let's leave it at that.




    • Back up all current projects

      Work Items

    • Clean out Message inbox


    • Create documentation for firmlinks, edit God powers and how to use them, and E2 Editor Doc
    • Create/update chatterbox FAQ for aliases, ONO, and the like. Roll together online only message.


    • Edevbot writeup generation script
    • Bug tracking for edev (N-Wing mostly has this)

      Node Heaven

    • Seachable node heaven
    • Node heaven removal (many many people)

      message-ing / Message Inbox

    • /unsend chat macro
    • Autobackup of full messages
    • /msg+ (auto message breaker)
    • Kill date / time in Node Heaven (Gritchka)
    • Remodularize the message macros so that each send type is its own node and not in the opcode.


    • Create a bot variable to identify bots on their homenode.
    • Random User specific node (lawnjart's idea)


    • Set topic in rooms you create

      Page of Cool / Cool Archive

    • Searchable Page of Cool (riverrun's idea)
    • Most / Least C! or voted search (Lord Brawl's idea)

      god powers

    • Expand Who Killed What dynamically - Gritchka's idea
    • Kick function for gods (finish what N-Wing started, maybe?)
    • /borgall?

      Editor powers

    • Easier nodeshell marking for CE's (weblog, maybe)?

      Writeup creation

    • Auto-softlinker (level power, maybe)

      General searching

    • A minus operator on searches / generically more complex searches (by request of Gritchka)
    • Easier writeup isolation in Findings:

      XML (general)

    • Chatterbox topics in the XML ticker

      edev submissions

    • edev: chomping long words in random nodes nodelet.
    • edev: Nodespheres - A suggestion for node associations

      Scratch Pads

    • Editors / higher level users can edit scratch pads (maybe)
    • ispell support

      Misc / Unsorted

    • AUtomated contact info sharing - Devon_Hart
    • Look into CSS line breaking in the chatterbox per yerricde: (The CSS solution to the catbox widening problem: .catbox { max-width: 256px; overflow: hidden; })
    • Better botched message checking
    • HTMLScreen doesn't handle ="20%" values and things like <br/>
    • "Fastest Noders" superdoc, kinda like Noding Spedometer. courtesty of liveforever.
    • Message triggering functions for mentors
    • Everything Daily Report to show how many messages you have waiting for you - BlakJak
    • Fix votefoot to not display blab! box if blab area is turned off in header settings
    • See if something has been ed-cooled by someone. (since you can look it up in the Page of Cool). - Level Power - m_turner
    • Trigger system.. oooo... (+ mentoring group so mentors can read scratch pads)
    • Create a way for me to run agents to keep certain things in check (like keeping webster definitions as definitions, etc). Genererally speaking, flush out SQLJob a little more to make it more modular.
    • Writeup hints on the scratch pad.
    • Preference for writeup hint placement.
    • Message group joins (edevers who are in BAP, etc). Neat idea by QXZ
    • Find Meme's old cookbook from the early 1900s to node.
    • Evaling code on the front page in Newsify!ed stuff
    • Word Galaxy replacement
    • Fix charred settings on user search - barely readable.
    • Troll registry - notify gods when potential troll account is created.
    • Ally with Mothra; destroy Mechagodzilla.
    • Give N-Wing shit about his HTML nazi-ism
    • Fix the server time

    My Bugs: (ones that are really low priority)
    • You currently need to add whitespace to the end of the nodeshell hopper for it to parse correctly, and none inbetween the writeups.
    • You can theoretically make duplicate firmlinks. (DON'T)
    • Trouble with deletions off the bottom of a usergroup list in JS maybe. Need to clean that up
    • Scratch pad size warning does not work in iCab
    • The firmlink code doesn't check for null input maybe. Who knows. Need to fix that.
    • The font sizes aren't relative. Impossible to use font-scaling in IE
Feel free to edit this doc in any way, or to msg me, and I'll add things to this.

This is bones.

Two related ideas:

I. c_e's and gods should be able to edit a user's home node (or have a command line) so they can add an href link to a website. One address, 7th level power. We could put up an 'E2 website request' e2node for the brief period where everybody adds theirs and then just have them msg an editor or god when they hit level 7 or wish to change the site. The ce/god can refuse to link a site based on that site's content. It will not be a 'change your website everyday' sort of thing but a 'here is my website' or in lieu of that 'this is a website i would like to promote'.

II. For user's who wish to promote a website with writeups we've had terrible trouble with the E2 search and web url addresses. What do you think about having protocol for website promoters being the creation of a new user in the web address's name and then posting a few high quality writeups in the various topics covered by the website? A sort of (again, high quality) advertisement that informs an E2 reader about the topic(s) looked at on the site ... this way E2 gets a few good writeups while we advertise for them and they could then use the home node for more specifics about the site.

So, we'd have a user imdb.com with a writeup in 'movie' (or 'movies', film' whatever) discussing the film process, actors, Hollywood, history ... you get the deal. At the end of the writeup it would point the user back to the homenode for details on IMDB.com.

Possible problems:

  • Users would probably want credit for this, as xp, rep etc wouldn't affect their regular accounts. Not sure how to do that short of a lot more clicks/msg's for gods group.
  • It would lead to a ton of new accounts which could then be abused. This is a minor point, of course... especially if the accounts are linked to known users (they could have their usernames noted in the website's acct home node) and anybody can always create a troll acct anyway. Could also be helped by locking these accounts out of the chatterbox but that complicates things for the coders.
  • Users could point to a pic file and put a bunch of porn/nazi evil bullshit in there or whatever... I don't think this is very likely at seventh level. They could do this on their home node now if they wanted and nobody ever has to the best of my knowledge. Whatever. Someone will report it and then we just take away the power and slap them or sumpin.

Of course, I'd have to create new user dembones.com immediately.

Search engine wish list:
  • Clean caching
  • Depluralization
  • Hypen-breaking
From sourceforge:
I found that Konqueror have problems to format pages from 
Everything2 properly. Especially users home-nodes have a 
tendency to be veeeeeeeeeeeery wide. See for example 
Pseudo_Intellectual's home at 

This might be a problem with Konqueror, and went right ahead 
to report it there. While investigating, I found that 
Everything2 does not validate as HTML or XHTML. Actually it 
doesn't even come close. 

I am not skilled enough with Konqueror to know where the 
problem is (and I don't have the time to hand-fix a 
Everything2-page just to test Konquerors "acceptability" :-( 

So as a humble request, I would like to see better 
conformance with HTML and XHTML. 

Until then, I'll stick with Mozilla :-) 


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