Nick Mason: tape effects and editing
Rick Wright: keyboards, vocals, VCS-3, Synthi-A
Chris Adamson, Jerry Driscoll: spoken words and laughter
Clare Torry: vocals

Nick Mason made this instrumental introduction to Dark Side of the Moon using loops from other songs on the album and responses to questions about insanity and death. These questions were put to various people around Abbey Road at the time. Curiously enough, Paul and Linda McCartney were among the interviewed, although their responses weren't interesting enough to make the cut. The only reason "Speak to Me" is really considered a separate song and not just an introuction to "Breathe" is Nick Mason's desire to have a publishing credit on the album.

Speak to me
in whatever language you choose
for I long to listen

With subtle smiles or silent screams
recounting days or loves or lives
and I will tell you my story ...
I will tell you my story ...
if you would hear

Your eyes
touch me with a glance that lingers
for a moment
and a moment longer

Reading too much between the lines
of life''s everyday moments
inventing worlds where we can find
solace in one another

I begin each day disconnected
hearing only one voice
my own

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