On November 30, 2011, MissJadeStar -- a webcam model on the popular My Free Cams website -- received the highest tip she had ever been given on MFC. It was, indeed, by far the highest tip any model on the site had ever been given -- 422,831 tokens. It was a truly shocking moment. (I know. I was there, lurking as I am wont do from time to time.) There are different schemes for purchasing tokens on MFC, with discounts going to volume buyers (which this big tipper surely was), but for the typical tipper it's ten tokens to a dollar, which would make this a $42,283.10 tip. Assuming fairly steep volume discount rates we might hypothesize that this generous tipper spent "only" maybe $35,000. In today's economy, that's still two decent automobiles. And that was just one tip, one portion of that day's take. And that tip alone likely added up to a fair, but possibly not overwhelming, portion of the whole month's takings. It wouldn't be at all surprising if this young lady had been making 15,000 or more in tips every night she was on up to that, and at least twice that earlier in the month when she brought a 'guest star' on (a potential future camgirl named Elle). Oh, there was much spanking that night, I tell you. The economics of MFC are a bit fuzzy to outsiders, but it seems the models keep a little bit better than half of their take, so MissJadeStar -- just Jade to her friends -- won one car with that there tip.

Perhaps even more startling is that prior to that mega-tip, Jade was fourth in the monthly rankings the site maintains, and its bestowal bumped her all the way up to.... third. Meaning that the other camgirls staying above her already had made at least that giant-tip-number of tokens more than Jade had made for the entire month. But that doesn't detract at all from the fact that the night was Jade's night: a true number one in the hearts of her fans.

Top Tier Jade

Now, there are clear tiers of performers on MFC; some, despite being attractive and perhaps even raunchy and perpetually naked, regularly draw a dozen or a score of fans, and likely struggle to get by in the system. Others routinely attract nine-hundred or a thousand or fifteen-hundred visitors to their rooms even when they are doing no more than munching Chinese noodles and chatting about the weather. At the height of a public show for a top tier specimen, though, tips big and small ring down in walls of highlighted yellow text. In Jade's case, the 'smaller' tips will often be for 22 tokens, a number dear and special to her, or for those inclined to somewhat bigger doses, 222 tokens.

And what places MissJadeStar in that ethereal realm of top tier talent? An array of factors enter into this analysis, indeed. Merely exuding a level of physical attractiveness is not enough for anybody to scale the heights of MFC fandom; and tho it is well-agreed that Jade has this to an unfair degree, what really wins her converts is her personality. This is a cam girl who cares. Example: Jade has dedicated a substantial number of shows to fundraising for charity. It may well be that she found levels of success blessed her with more money than her immediate needs demanded, but still wished to do her shows and have a reason to be raising money for something. And fundraise she has, into the thousands of dollars, giving such amounts to Stand Up To Cancer, Save the Children, Children's Hospital, memorial funds and so on.

And another aspect of Jade's generosity can be found in her selfless acts of leadership of The Tard Army. This began as a joke -- at some point a year or so before Jade was mocking herself for having been a "tard" over something or other. Her followers duly noted that they too were surely "tards" from time to time, and that morphed into many of those followers starting to call themselves the "JadeTards" and Jade's "Tard Army," sometimes changing their screennames to incorporate "Tard" in there somewhere -- and what good would an army be, but for an invasion? And so on occasion Jade engineers the friendliest kind of invasion, getting her followers to follow her into other model's chatrooms and then bombard those models with 22-token tips. That's right, Jade goads her followers to tip her own competitors, and even tips them herself from her own money. And why? Well because she's Jade, and goddamnit, that's the simply kind of thing Jade does. Because beneath that perky chest area beats a heart of pure gold.

And Then There's The Show....

But, naturally, there's more to Jade then charity and generosity. There's those live nude sex shows she performs, sometimes several times in a night (though on rare occasions a night goes by where she simply wishes to chill out and hang with her peeps, doing no shows at all but still playing raffles or donning positively silly costumes for no other reason than to have outrageous fun). Jade's entertainment philosophy was highlighted on the mid-November night when she was showing her guest star the ropes; Elle, having been tipped enough to lotion up Jade's breasts -- did I mention the physiological perfection of those breasts, such that a Da Vinci might wish to paint them -- well, Elle starting putting some lotion in her hand. Out came the drill-instructor in Jade, crisply explaining, "you never put the lotion on your hands. When a guy cums on you, does he cum on your hands, and then you smear it on your tits? No!! He cums on your tits, and then you smear it around with your hands". Classic, epic, comic, to-the-point Jade. One of Jade's fans posted a review which so nicely sums up what it is to watch Jade perform as she does:
Holy crap. The term "show" is an understatement. It's more like...epic wincenter of orgasmic proportions. Admiral Ackbar says, "Our shields can't deflect orgasms of that magnitude!" Jade’s use of her mobile webcam is breathtaking to say the least with roaming shots of all the happy places one could hope to see and then when the time comes for Jade to find her release well let’s just say it is one of life’s hidden treasures to see Jade in the throes of an intense orgasm something I strongly suggest everyone on MFC observe at least once.

-- Fighting41 (aka FightingTard)
Other reviews laud the light and happy mood in which she keeps her room, the wide-ranging and eclectic music selection, and Jade's interactiveness with those who enter her domain. In a world where many models are snippy, short-tempered, and needy, there is palpable warmth even in Jade's laser-precise zingers. One might well wish to watch Jade just for the things that come out of her mouth. The words, I mean. At its peak her banter is like listening to a morning DJ on the radio. On the other hand, Jade wisely wields an unrepentant ban-hammer against those who are overly rude or crude -- not only towards her, but towards her regular tards as well. She holds no love for those who come in making specific requests without tipping, but often her followers will explain the facts of life to such visitors before Jade even has to.

She dotes on two adorkable dogs, Dylan and Benny, who can occasionally be seen scurrying in the background. She smokes too much and drinks to excess, especially when downing shots for tips. Her hair color varies, but the cuteness of her square-rimmed librarian glasses is a universal constant. Her legion of followers have assembled a wide range of animated gifs using images of Jade to broadcast their own emotions. She never does anal (apparently she's saving that for Mr. Right), but she does penetrate herself deeply and orgasmically with a variety of individually named sex toys. She is MissJadeStar. Model. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian. Philanthropist. Bombshell. And worth every penny of that tip.


Postscript: On April 2, 2012, MissJadeStar's tip record was broken by a camgirl nicknamed TeamBob, with a 467,040 token tip. And the same tipper had previously dropped 100,000 tokens to that model earlier in the evening, making for a haul of well over $25,000 for that single night!!

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