This is an index of nodes relating to the theological theory of Pandeism, that being that ours is a Created Universe, and that our Creator in fact became our Universe so as to share in the experience of the life coming to exist within it through natural process occurring as a result of the governing dynamics set forth in its creation. You may treat them as if they were chapters in a book to be read in no particular order:

The Ultimate Node:

Pandeism (broad overview of the theory, its history, and its implications)

The Essentials:

Pandeism from First Principles (another formulation of the essential proposition)

How powerful is your Creator? (a simple question with profound logical implications)

Pandeism fully accounts (explaining precisely how it is that Pandeism rises above all theistic alternatives)

Pandeism and Science (elucidating the utter lack of conflict between these fields of inquiry)

Galaxies and stars and Pandeism (the theory as applied to the existence of stellar phenomena)

Man's place in a pandeistic Universe (so what are we doing here?)

For atheists, what is the proof for pandeism? (a compilation of proof as explained by the title)

Temporal fortuity in light of the End of Cosmology (an excellently pandeistically inclined observation of the nature of existence)

The Pandeist's Wager (a variation on Pascal's Wager carried forth with pandeistic logic)

Pandeism and the God of the Gaps (a rumination on a common atheistic objection)

Pandeism and the problem of good and evil and Pandeism and the knowledge of good and evil (the theory as applied to two aspects of the ancient riddle of Theodicy)

Pandeism to the end (most religions have an 'end-of-the-world' story -- what is Pandeism's answer to this?)

The Fundamentals of Creation:

How conatus compels divine ketosis through a radical kenosis (employing the theory to explain the need for our Universe to be created)

How strong is the spirit of the sad kangaroo? (further rumination on the same, discussing a rational compulsion toward Creation)

Bungee jumping into the Universe (further elucidation on the motivation for a Creator to fully invest itself in its Creation)

Are we there yet? Pandeism and transhumanism (commentary on the intertwining of these paths)

Blink your eyes and move a Universe (commentary on the nature of our minds)

The nonthinking part of our Universe (passing upon the state of those portions of a Creator-become-Universe which are not part of the activity of thought)

Our destiny is in the stars (if we are so lucky as to fulfill our potential, this is where it will place us)

Pandeism Somewhere in Time (some implications of time in Pandeism)

The Governing Dynamics:

Isotopes with half-lives between 100 million and 10 billion years (a description of these phenomena which are part of what enables our living Universe to function)

Carbon chauvinism (a gentle reminder as to why we might appear to be the only game in town)

Universal Common Ancestor (explanation of the rationally unassailable evidence for such a thing fitting into our comprehension of existence)

On the evolution of the pocket watch (uncovering the thoughts left out of the old pocket watch proposition)

Every single ancestor of yours for five hundred million years has successfully mated (surely food for thought)

Pandeism and Sexual Pleasure (explaining how, according to Pandeism, we ought to be getting more of that)

The Problems of Theism:

Reading the formative works in chronological order (an exhortation to address theological writings in due course of historical origination)

The God of the Philosophers (commentary on the questionable origins of the broadest competing models)

Godel's theorem applied to God (noting a peculiar failing of the possibility of omniscience)

Vanity of vanities (commentary on the self-servingness of much theological consideration)

God is a pretty girl across the bar who smiles and waves in your direction; and you think she is waving at you (further rumination on the principles driving theistic beliefs)

Christopher Columbus and the theological manipulation of the eclipse (an historical example)

A God Pleased By The Odor Of Burning Flesh; A God Who Burns Human Flesh, Eternally (commentary on an obvious correlation)

The destiny of the unevangelized, and the incompetently evangelized (how competent must an evangelist be before his targets are condemned for ignoring him)

A most benevolent illusion (following a logical thread on the nature of an omnipotent judge)

Existential relevancy, and other theological lies (a hit piece on a hit piece)

The failure of faith proclaimed to comport with action (commentary on the disproof of religion by efforts to use the coercive power of the state to enforce aims which ought to be enforceable by the deity claimed)

The Failure of a Theistic Cohesion (yet another problem undercutting the legitimacy of theistic faiths)

The nontheist's prerogative to require a unified scripture (until most theists can agree on a single scripture and interpretation thereof, there's nothing for them to bring to the table against nontheists)

Fallacies of prophecy (commentary on the use of logically unsupportable prophetic claims as a basis for theistic models)

What if Heraclides had never been born? (questioning the central value of any individual flapping the wings of the butterflies of history)

the infinite problem of infinite afterlives (can anything inconceivable to the mind be justly used to punish the mind?)

The problem of the least deserving person in Hell and the least deserving person in Heaven (almost self-explanatory!!)

Questions answered:

A Pandeism recommended reading list.

Answers in Pandeism: 'Converting' to Pandeism

Answers in Pandeism -- looking back to Christian Deism

Answers in Pandeism: Who Created the Creator?

Pandeism and Prayer

Man's place in a pandeistic Universe

A love affair with Pandeism

Is Pandeism "sexed up" and "watered down"?

Is Pandeism just a "made up word"?

A Pandeist responds to Daniel Torridon's "Why I Swapped Christianity for Pandeism"

Critics refuted:

Of Pandas and Pandeists: Errors of Antipandeism (calling out the fallacies by which Pandeism is attacked}

A Pandeist responds to "Sainttalk" on Pandeism

A Pandeist responds to John Oakes' "response to Pandeism"

A Pandeist responds to "Thinking in Christ" on Pandeism

A Pandeist responds to on Pandeism

A Pandeist responds to Lewis Loflin "Debunking Panendeism"

A Pandeist responds to Brent Price, D. Min., on Pandeism

Pandeism and the theology of fictional worlds:

Pandeism and the world of Harry Potter

Pandeism and the world of Star Wars

Pandeism and the world of Star Trek

Pandeism and the world of Doctor Who

Pandeism and the world of Sherlock Holmes

Pandeism and the world of Left Behind

Pandeism and the world of Harold Ramis

Pandeism and the Many Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein

Pandeism Anthology series:

Pandeism: An Anthology

Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind

Pandeism: An Anthology of Spiritual Nature

Miscelleneous other matters:

A Pandeist Pope? We can only hope!!

Pandeism and Atheism

Pandeism and the Arts

Pandeism and Taoism

Pandeism and Transdeism (comparing one of the more recent developments in deistic thought)

Pandeism and Libertarianism (relating these two philosophical models by their fundamental limitation to not requiring more than that which logic allows)

Pandeism and the Declaration of Independence

Pandeism and Halloween

Ghosts of Pandeism

Pandeism Fish (relating the symbol and its significance to the theory of Pandeism)

Pan-Deism....? (commentary on some alternative historical uses of the name)

Pandeism and the Oxford English Dictionary

Pantheism and Panentheism (related concepts, helpful to know about)

World Pandeism Day


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