Miranda Sex Garden began in 1991 with Katharine Blake, Jocelyn West, and Kelly McCusker, who started out by busking. They were soon discovered by Barry Adamson, and were signed on to the Mute label, releasing their first album, "Madra", a collection of Elizabethian madrigals. They also began touring with the band Blur, whose fans met them with poor reception.

Ben Golomstock and Trevor Sharpe soon joined the band, and released the mini-album "Iris", and the single "Play" in 1993.

After Play, Kelly McCusker and Jocelyn West left the band, and Donna McKevitt and Hepzibah Sessa took their places.

Their next album "Suspiria" took a turn from their classical roots, heading a bit closer to rock, although baroque elements were still very apparent. Hepzibah subsequently left.

The band began to play more live shows, including several at various fetish clubs, which would show an influence in their next album "Fairytales of Slavery", which was produced by Alex Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten.

Miranda Sex Garden left the Mute label and disbanded in 1995. Katherine Blake went on to form the Mediaeval Baebes, which still continues to this day.

Miranda Sex Garden got back together after Nigel Sharman went to a Mediaeval Baebes concert and liked what he heard. He co-founded SugarDaddy records with Katharine Blake, and brought MSG back.

Joined by a few members of Mediaeval Baebes, Miranda Sex Garden -- now consisting of Katharine Blake, Trevor Sharpe, Ben Golomstock, Teresa Casella, Mike Servent, and Barney Hollington -- released Carnival of Souls in 1999.

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