Minor irritant

This is purely rant, in no way do I wish to harm this lil cherub. Honest.
in preparation for your arrival
I took preventative measures
against your prying porky lil digits
I knew instinctively that
you would rifle through my things
you minor irritant

so I placed my figures, comics and games
into the my own witness protection programme
you've caused me so much grief already
and you're not even here yet
you minor irritant

you arrived on Sunday
I returned from R and R on Monday
damage report: nothing
so far so good
I despise you for let me agonise
over the minute possibility that
you might have
though you didn't
you minor irritant

I watched you poke,
sniff, grab the wax figures
in Taussards
I wish I had two swords
I'd run you through
you minor irritant

you jump up and down
I swear you'd wet your pants
you won't wait for your bro
not realising
that you'd be the only one
on the dodgem ride
spoilt lil brat
you minor irritant

I saw what looked like a magazine of mine
on the floor, with it's pages folded
I closed my eyes and told myself
uh oh better count backwards slowly
that it wasn't mine
it better not be mine!
you minor irritant

got home I see it's still there
I go upstairs and check
god damnit!
lil fucking cunt!
it's my mine
that means you
yes you!
went through my stack
my skyscaper of a paper pile
you minor irritant

I wish I could drop a headache pill
to make you go away
so tempted to break your podgy fingers
bust your nosy nose
you minor irritant


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