Affectionately dubbed "the meat factory" by my friends and I, Malibu Grill is a somewhat misnamed, but thoroughly enjoyable, pair of Brazilian steakhouses (or more appropriately, "churrascarias") in the Washington, D.C. area. In a place where all you can eat buffets are all the rage, Malibu Grill gives a few tweaks to the idea of your ordinary ethnic buffet joint.

If you're notoriously carnivorous, or if you just like a good piece of meat, you'll quickly find that Malibu Grill is hog heaven. For a little over $15 USD, you have access to a wide array of meats, brought straight from the grill to your table by servers who, upon your indication, will cut a juicy slab onto your plate, from skewers. Typically, much of the meat will be some type of beef, such as New York strip, sirloin, or beef ribs, but there are many other offerings, including pork loin, sausage, grilled chicken breasts, turkey wrapped in bacon, and lamb. You also have your choice of side dishes, running the gamut of salads, soups, and shrimp. These are usually used by most people to simply "cleanse the palate".

Service at Malibu Grill couldn't be easier. On each table is a wooden block, half of which is painted red, and half of which is green. Green means "go", and as long as you have the signal visible, servers will frequent your table, offering various selections of their dizzying array of meats. When you are full, or simply need a break, flip the wooden block.

Malibu Grill offers a variety of drinks, including your typical soda fare, as well as a decent selection of beer, wine and liquor; perhaps the most complementary offering to accompany your meal might be a pitcher of sangria.

As if, by the time you are finished, you could possibly eat any dessert, Malibu Grill nonetheless offers a variety of them, including cakes, pies and tarts.

All in all, Malibu Grill is a dining experience that is, at very least, quite different than your typical dine-out. Service and meat quality can vary somewhat, depending on how busy the restaurant is, but generally there's always something to enjoy; you're rarely left waiting long for anything, and servers are usually fairly obliging to special requests.

The restaurants are both generally pretty busy places, so calling ahead is recommended; otherwise, you can sit at the bar and toss back a few beers while you wait for seating. If you're in the DC area, and have the hankerin' for meat right off the grill, Malibu Grill is highly recommended.

Contact Information
Malibu Grill (Fairfax) - 4516 Fairknoll Drive, Fairfax, VA 703-222-5555
Malibu Grill (Bailey's Crossroads) - 5715 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 703-379-0587

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