A type of restaurant in which you pay a flat fee in order to gain access to huge amounts of food that varies in quality. Favorite thing of college students, annoying to skinny people who would have to stay at an all-you-can-eat place for over two hours in order to consume as much food as a normal person.

Here's the reason people around the world hate Americans. And I don't blame them.

These all-you-can-eat buffets seem like a pretty good idea, at first. You can pick and choose the food you want, and if you don't like something, you can go get something else. Good idea, huh? However, these places have become the refuge of the worst examples of lazy, fat, overeating, gluttonous pigs who will make you sick if you watch them eat for any length of time.

It's like watching terminally ugly people have sex. You just don't really want to see it. And to try and eat some lunch yourself while this is going on around you; well, forget it. You will see people who weigh 500 pounds sitting at a table for four with their ass hanging over the chair, almost touching the ground, and they will have four plates piled high with food. To see them with a fork in each hand going at the fried chicken and meat loaf like it was their last meal is a chilling sight.

And a lot of these folks are the same ones who would tell you that you were bound for Hell if you like to have a drink or two. It's just sad.

Colloquialism for a service plan (often for Internet access or cellphone service) that provides unlimited, as opposed to metered, usage, often for a single, flat monthly fee. Derived from the term's usage for restaurants as written up elsewhere on this node.

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