From the menu:

Welcome to Yolie's
Churrascaria House of Meats

Those of our guests who have had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Brazil will
know that a Churrascaria (she-has-ca-reeah) compare favorably with the
finest steak houses in the United States. The unique difference is
the way the meat is prepared and served.

Strangers to Brazil and the method of preparing and cooking meat are in
for a delightfully pleasant surprise. At once, you'll be made to feel right
at home by the casual and informal atmosphere.

While enjoying your pre-luncheon or dinner cocktails, an assortment of appetizer
meats will be served. Now comes our "Rodizio," a tantalizing variety of meats.
Prepared by our famous Brazilian Chef, succulent meats will be sliced from
the skewer onto your plate continuously by your waiter. The delicate flavor
you will experience is achieved with our special marinade, the
ingredients of which you can only guess

From the Diner:

Yolie's is a true wonder, a paradise for every carnivore in a human cloak. My SO's mother treated the three of us to dinner here for Easter, and I can honestly say I have never been more full of bull. The staff was courteous and patient while explaining to my waifish other that she must try the rodizio, for there was no other real reason to patronize the restaurant. She politely refused though, claiming she could not eat so much. I'm not sure she was really getting it.

Yolies is in essence a high-class meat buffet. For the measly price of $26.95 one can sit back and feast on as much meat in seven different varieties (four at lunch) as you can stuff in your gullet. Chose from: Turkey wrapped in bacon, Young spring chicken, Home made pork sausage, Tri-tip of beef, Top sirloin of beef, Tenderloin of Pork, ad Leg of Baby Lamb.

Hell why choose! Eat em all!

The rodizio style they keep mentioning is one of the best parts. You don't even have to get up to refill your plate. The server brings an enormous sword, loaded down with tasty meat fresh from the fire and slices portions straight onto your plate.

Oh, there were side dishes too. Each table received a plate of sides served family style. I think there was rice and potatoes and maybe polenta. I'll be honest, I didn't really eat a lot of that. I'm sure it must have been swell, but if you're at Yolie's you're there for the meat and they know it.

This wasn't like all you can eat popcorn shrimp at Long John Silvers, where they bring you a tiny plate of shrimp and make you wait while the server takes long minutes to return, hoping that you'll get bored and go home. The servings at Yolie's were more than adequate, and the server must have been watching me eat, because no sooner had I finished forking a piece of succulent sirloin into my open maw, than he would pop up by my side like a loyal succubus and ask if I wanted more lamb.

So, how much can you eat before they kick you out? Beats me. We finally left after about an hour. My companions, who had opted for some other entree, were frankly getting bored of watching me pull my Homer Simpson routine. I highly recommend this joint to any one who loves a good bit of meat. If you're the supermodel type or one of those crazy Soy Prophets, maybe you should go some where else.

3900 Paradise Rd., Ste. Z
Las Vegas, NV 89109

300 Oceangate, Ste. 150
Long Beach, CA

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