Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Designed By: Game Arts
Published By: Working Designs
System: PSX
Released: Nov, 2000
Genre: RPG

Lunar 2 was originally released for the Sega CD. The series was immensely popular in Japan. It took a while though for the game to be brought to the US.

Eventually Working Designs, a group very well known for its different take on translating games, developed the Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar 2 for sale in the US. As Working Designs very often does, the game was not JUST translated, but also made more US US-centric. Characters say phrases uniquely American; references are made to US popular culture. Remarks like :

"I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth."
"My friend Kathy Lee says child labor is the way to go."
"I'm just standing in this corner loosing my religion."

All these give the game an American flavor, and one that gamers here can very easily identify with.


Because the game was ported from the original Sega CD version, the regular sprite based graphics are nothing to get impressed about. Battle graphics are also less than what one would expect on a PSX game. Still they are not bad and do not stand out too far from the norm.

The video in the game is very good. The resolution was improved by Working Designs and makes for very nice Anime style scenes that move the plot and give some serious eye candy during the important developments of the story.

Sound and Music

The game includes spoken lines, generally pretty well done, but then again there are not enough spoken parts for any bad dubbing jobs to really stand out. Characters tend to speak out loud during important times and when they do magic or special attacks in battle.

As far as the music goes, it is well and above most other games out there. Each character has their own theme and sometimes you will find yourself not actively playing at some moment only to listen to the music. It does not stand out as an absolutely brilliant score, but it is very good.

Game play

Over world Movement is rather easy, as Working Designs took out any random encounters. They focused on the newer (in RPG's anyway) visible enemy tactic. In cities, or other areas without enemies, the characters move at a normal speed, whereas in dungeons the character's speed slows down, but a dash is allowed for a short time every once in a while to allow the player to try to dodge enemies.

The battles are actually very good in this respect, seeming to flow relatively seamlessly. Characters actual advance on the battlefield (unless they use range weapons) and their attacks, when no targets are specified, are against the closest enemies. Spells are quick enough to not feel overwrought and burden down the game, but show enough detail to be fun to watch once in a while.


The story of Lunar 2 is not like most video game stories. It is promoted as being more mature than normal, and almost delivers. Though it falls short because of the occasional cheese factor of the plot and sometimes the characters, it is redeemed many times by the characters themselves and their lives.

The characters each have their own life problems that they are attempting to sort out. The gambler, the dancer with the hidden past, the magic user and leader of a destroyed heritage, the childish hero, and the emotionally defective heroine.

Each tries to solve their own problems. Along with that, each speaks in a way that is not "normal" in games. The womanizing gambler discusses women and gambling often in very duggestive ways. He is not just introduced in bad light and then the whole platform is dropped. Suggestive themes and wording make the game feel a little more adult, while still retaining that youthful innocence that makes many games attractive to the average person.

The story takes place about 1000 years after the original Lunar story. By this time, the cast of Lunar: Silver Star Story has faded into legend and almost beyond. Still, the original Lunar has a bearing on this one.

The plot is basically a "save the world from the evil god" plot. The description and discussions of humanity and its good and evil though make it a bit deeper.

Following is generally packaging information for Working Designs' release, along with miscellaneous info.

Sold in a limited collector's edition, it can be hard to find.

Game Release Includes :

  1. Contained in the main 4 CD tray
    1. 3 Game Discs
    2. 1 "Making of Lunar 2" Disc
  2. 120 Page Instruction/Making Of/Limited Strategy Guide Book
  3. Omake Box
    1. Pendant as worn by Lucia in the game, contained in a felt bag
    2. Cardboard Figures for each character, good and bad
    3. Small map with a picture on the reverse side
    4. Slip of paper with a small amount of information about Omake Gifts
  4. Separate 2 CD Holder.
    1. Lunar 2 Sound Track CD
    2. Empty Sleeve
      1. This sleeve is for the Lunar 2 demo that comes with Working Designs' production of Vanguard Bandits.
  5. About 2" by 4" box holding all the game parts

Cast and Voice Actors

Althena : Katie Staeck
Borgan : Dean Williams
Ghaleon : John Truitt
Gwynn : Unknown
Hiro : Chad Letts
Jean : Jennifer Stigile
Lemina : Kathy Ostrander
Leo : Ty Webb
Lucia : Kelly Weaver
Luna : Kathryn Kirk
Lunn : Blake Dorsey
Mauri : Unknown
Nall : Matt Atswood
Ronfar : Ned Schuft
Ruby : Jennifer Stigile
Zophar : T. Owen Smith

Sound Track

  1. Star Dragon Theme
  2. Ghaleon's Theme
  3. Promenade
  4. Field To Tomorrow
  5. Crowded Street Corner
  6. Gypsy Heart (Jean's Theme)
  7. Brave Warriors
  8. Holding On (Lemina's Theme)
  9. White Mask Funk (Mystere's Theme)
  10. Wine, Women, and Song (Ronfar's Theme)
  11. Eternal Blue (Instrumental)
  12. Desire
  13. Justice (Leo's Theme)
  14. Boss Battle
  15. Hiro's Fight
  16. Eternal Blue (Rondo - Light and Shadows)
  17. Golden Voice
  18. Lucia vs. Zophar
  19. Growing Fear
  20. Heart-Shaped Tears
  21. Zophar's Arrival
  22. Somber Memories
  23. Dragonship Destiny
  24. Lucia's Theme

Information not gained over time or through repeated play was picked up via the game documentation.

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