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To finally find my place, not just in such as E2, but in society and life in general. Be that place, in the establishment, out of the establishment, or somewhere different altogether, simply to find a place.
A little bit of everything, but master of nothing.
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Abu Dhabi
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David Huber
Bong-el Cheon, Paju-Shi, Seoul, South Korea
domin212 (at signamijig) gmail (dot thingy) com

Yes I am taching English here. The money is good and most expenses are paid for, so for a debtor like me, it is a great situation.

Domin's political compass (I find this infinately interesting at charting my political ebb and flow over time through a test that SEEMS pretty comprehensive. So I posted the changes here, maybe in a few years I'll still be here and do it again.

December, 2012
Economic Left/Right: 1.75 (Slight Economic Right)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.49 (Moderate Social Libertarian)

March, 2008
Economic Left/Right: 2.75 (Slight Economic Right)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.05 (Moderate Social Libertarian)

April, 2006:
Economic Left/Right: 5.75 (mid-far economic right)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.18 (low-mid social libertarian)

Mid 2003
Economic Left/Right: 2.88 (low-mid economic right)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.21 (mid social libertarian)

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Hello, I take Zoloft. I am so gloriously mentally ill! You will love me, yes? - Not sure how this is so, but okay... ... ... I guess.

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Georgia - This, to me, exemplifies how E2 has improved my writing.

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    • I have FREAKING C!s!!! /me does the happy dance!!!

I've always meant to fill this spot with something. Some anecdote, some wisdom, just something, but I've never managed to figure out what. Maybe it eludes me, or maybe the revelation of too much of myself is something I fear. Whatever the reason, you will find none of that beauty that can inhabit other noder's homes in mine own. A stark place it is here, but maybe more me than wisdom, or beauty or insight.