the lion

     (    )
    (_)  /

quality: fixed
element: fire
ruled by: the sun

      o Zosma            o Algieba

O        o
                             O Regulus

Points of Intrest

The fifth sign in Western Astrology. A Fixed sign, a masculine sign, a fire sign, an emotional sign. The lion is a very proud force to be reckoned with. They are dramatic, driven, spontaneous, vain, loving group, er, pride. Excellent hosts, organizers, the beautiful face of success. Even if they are momentarily not successful, you would never know it. Head strong and willful, they do not appreciate authority in the least, and have no qualms speaking up about it. They must be involved in almost every endeavor, and go to great lengths in order to ensure this. One could never say a leo is a bad parent, as it happens next to never.

Their colors are gold and orange, their stones are either ruby or peridot. Their flower is anything in the daisy family, and their planet is the sun. The whole damn sun. They do well at damn near anything they attempt, which makes the rest of us jealous on occasion. But don't let them see that, it will only encourage them. Their tarot cards are The Sun and Strength. They rule the hair, the heart and the back, and are either losing the hair or grooming it, and they need to be careful not to strain their hearts or backs. A famous leo leader in history? How about Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Lyons Electronic Office (LEO) was Britain's first multi-purpose business computer. Modelled on the EDSAC, it went into service at the J. Lyons catering company in England in 1951. Its first tasks included a weekly bakery valuation, and a delivery scheduler.

The New York Public Library has a penchant for coining amusing acronyms for its services. These acronyms are usually related to cats in some way, referencing the huge stone lions outside the Central building on 5th Avenue that also serve as the library's logo; as a not-quite-nodeworthy example, the NYPL's internal webpage is called LAIR - Library-wide Access to Internal Resources. It's not nodeworthy because it's inaccessable outside the Library. Sorry guys. :)

LEO stands for "Library Entrance Online, and is the companion database to CATNYP - CATNYP serves the research libraries, LEO serves the branch libraries. It includes records for all eighty-five local branches, encompassing 1,000,000 titles and the status of 6,000,000 holdings. LEO can be accessed here:

Le"o (?), n. [L. See Lion.] Astron.


The Lion, the fifth sign of the zodiac, marked thus in almanacs.


A northern constellation east of Cancer, containing the bright star Regulus at the end of the handle of the Sickle.

Leo Minor, a small constellation between Leo and the Great Bear.


© Webster 1913.

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