I don't know why I'm noding this, but...

Anyway, I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night (November 27. 2000) in my girlfriend's dorm room (on her TV, natch). After the John Goodman segment, and plenty of Jon Stewart's patented mugging, they go to their 'Internet security expert,' Lord ViperScorpion. Apparently meant to embody every kewl d00d and l33t stereotype out there, the Daily Show was actually successful in making this caricature of Joe Hax0r really funny.

Being satire, the show lets him develop and demonstrate his 'image' before deflating it. First of all, he is broadcasting through a pixelated and jerky 'webcam'. Second, he's speaking through a voice modulator that apparently is supposed to make his voice more menacing, but is about as scary as impersonating Bela Lugosi by saying, "Children of the Night, what music they make" over and over again. Third, he's wearing a freaking black ski mask, like he was some sort of anarchist.

After establishing this pseudo-threatening stereotype, they start to rip it to shreds. First of all, he 'hacks' a pr0n site with his Mom's credit card number. Then, he sends blurry shots of his booty (well, other's booties) to Jon Stewart. Mr. Stewart, however, begins to question Lord ViperScorpion's hacking abilities, especially regarding his use of credit cards. This earns him a swift rebuke, as Lord ViperScorpion has the Boy Scout semaphore page spell out "Jon Stewart is a sissy girl boy." Of course, once questioned as to why he would be cracking the Boy Scouts page, the kewl d00d breaks down, and begins to yell, "They deserved it! It isn't fair that they call someone gay just for wearing a cape to Jamboree; it was crushed velvet!"

I really knew people like this when I was a Scout. Heck, the amount of D&D some people played while camping still astounds me.

After this outburst, his apparent stepfather (also wearing a black ski mask) steps in and demands to use the computer, ending the sketch.

Pure genius.

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