Created by the Happiness Express Club, Little Snoozems were bean and plush stuffed animals made for babies and young children to sleep with. There were four different animals to choose from; a bear, a rabbit, a dog and a cat. Each were the size and form of a standard American Girls doll, but were soft in the middle and just wide enough to cradle a child's' head. They were dressed in soft, baby blanket-like sleep clothes with footies which were sewn loosely to the body and each came with their own baby blanket the size of a washcloth.

The Little Snoozems seemed to be a perfect little sleep buddy for any child, but then again, nothing is ever perfect. For one, the stuffed, floppy animals were a bit heavy (almost 2 pounds) for the age group the products were aimed for. They were also considerably expensive; around 30 dollars for one.

The rush to purchase these toys only lasted about 2 to 3 months, then swiftly died down, leaving the Little Snoozems to collect dust and sale tags till they were retired not long after their appearance in stores.

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