Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Coleco
Model Number: This game had no model number
Rarity: Prototype
Year of Release: 1983 (not confirmed).

This game is one of those true holy grails of Atari games. This game was never released to the public. The game rom was never "dumped" for emulation, and it has never come up on Ebay. Nothing much is known about this game except that it features the Cabbage Patch Kids. There are only said to be 2 known copies of this game (and neither person who owns them will let anyone copy it).

If you have a copy of this game please send me a /msg.

This prototype game has a value of at least $300 USD.

Update May 6, 2008. The roms to this game were located in a pile of roms at a flea market and thus they are out there now.

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