French born Erik Karol Has been singing professionally since 1982 with the creation of the French rock band, Vie Privée. Erik is best known in the United States for his recent performance in the French- Canadian circus sensation, Cirque du Soliel production of Dralion, singing with the first group from April 22, 1999, to when they reached Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2000. If you have never heard him sing, then first time may amaze or even shock you.

Erik Karols' voice range is wide, able to reach low base (or bass if you prefer) and tenor and then burst into a beautiful, operatic alto and soprano so well, you could swear is what a male and female duet. He can slide from a low to high range with skillful ease, producing some of the most gorgeous sounds I have ever heard. What is also amazing is how quickly he can go from a low note to a high note without a problem where even some trained singers would have a pitch problem, or even crack.

Not only does his voice make him stand out, but his stage presence is huge. With hand gestures, snake-like body language and facial expressions, Erik Karols' presance anywhere on stage is eye-catching and phenomenal.

From a little French band in the 80's to the haunting music and radiant colored costumes of Dralion, Erik Karol may be one of the most incredible voices in the world of New Age music.


( Note from the writer: If you are interested in seeing Erik Karols' performance or Dralion in general, check your local listings on the Bravo channel or look for it on DVD or purchase the sound track at your nearest Boarders book store music section under New Age. As for Eriks CD's, I'm afraid you'll have to order them and have them imported. You may visit his website for more details and samples of music:

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