Common name of premium quality chocolate from Switzerland-based Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spr√ľngli AG, which manufactures premium quality chocolate. The name comes from Rodolphe Lindt, inventor of the conche, and founder of the company Bern in 1879, and sold it to Zurich chocolate maker Rudolf Spr√ľngli in 1899. The company bought out Italy's Carrafel in 1997 and America's Ghirardelli in 1998.

These folks know how to make excellent chocolates of many assorted varieties. Some of their best items (in my opinion) are the filled bars--a set of 12 squares that break apart.

Each square has a bubble or pouch which is filled with something yummy. They have many flavors available, including mint, strawberry, cherry, and pistachio. The strawberry and cherry (and maybe others, i haven't had them) are interesting in they're a very runny liquid filling, but are highly concentrated, and begin to crystalize on the inside of the chocolate shell, so there are flavored sugarish grains in the mix. Exceptionally good.

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