A popular game of cards that must be played with an even number of players. Players are partnered.

Each player is dealt 5 cards. The object of the game is to have four of a kind. This four of a kind does not have to be in the same suit. Different cards are acquired by taking one of five cards (that the dealer dealt to the draw pile) from the table, and replacing it with a card in your hand.

When you achieve four of a kind, you must somehow signal to your partner using a pre-determined sign (such as rubbing your eye, puffing your cheek). When your partner notices this gesture, he announces "Squares", and you and your partner gain a point. You must also occasionally check to see if your partner is giving you your pre-determined sign.

If you see a member of the opposing team gesture to his teammate, you may yell "Cut". However, you do not know what the opposing team's gesture is, so you must also watch the opposing team to look for repeated actions. If you announce "Cut" falsely, your team loses a point.

Squares is usually played until around 5 points, or until everyone gets bored. Squares can be quite an addicting game, and quite fun with a relative small group of friends.

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