A little known anthem composed in the 1563 revolt of the peasant noding class in an early feudal database in France. Their bloody-handed assault of the haughty editorial class ultimately led to the destruction of Tout (as it was called), but the idealistic thinking of the creators of Tout, though it failed again in its subsequent incarnation, Tout2, has resurfaced in the 21st century on the internet. But enough talk - the song, may it long inspire fear!

Allons enfants de Tout, le jour de gloire est arrivé!
(Arise, children of Everything, the day of glory has at last arrived)
Contre nous de la nodoisie, l'etendard administratif est levé,
(against we, the noding class, the cruel banner of the administration is raised)
cet etendard cruel est levé.
(this cruel banner is raised.)
Entendez vous dans le site les cris de mort des nodes de bonne humeur.
(do you hear the death cries of the nodes in the chatterbox?)
Ces editeurs plein de pouvoir vile,
(these editors, full of their vile power)
Ils viennent jusque nos nodes-maisons,
(they come, right up to our homenodes)
egorger nos nodes de réputation plus hautes, notre XP.
(to slaughter our nodes with the highest reputations and decimate our XP)
Aux liens douces citoyens! Faites vos nodes protestrice!
(To your softlinks, o patriots! Write nodes of protest!)
Nodez, Nodez! Que le sang sarcastique des editeurs abreuve les rues de Tout!
(And node, node! May the sarcastic blood of the editors fill the streets of Everything!)

Fustflum: I'll do no such thing. =)

Everythingaise is a tangy condiment made of whipped eggs, oil, paprika, and an ever growing amount of knowledge. Common uses for Everythingaise are: Potato Salad, Sandwiches, and as a Salad dressing. If you have a blender or food processor and the above ingredients it's very easy to make your own Everythingaise. For something different, do like they do in Europe and try Everythingaise on your French Fries.

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