Lines Of Code.
A particularly clueless method of "measuring" the output of a programmer, motivated by the fact that "we're paying her to write lines of code!"

This ignores such trivial objective matters as the difficulty or quality of the code, as well as the obvious subjective matters (I can write 5 good lines one day and 1000 the next).

When a suit starts talking LOC (and kLOC), it's time to break out the code generators: M4, YACC, LEX, and most importantly custom-built programs that write programs. All of these enable the programmer to leverage effort to create LOC (to use a turn of phrase said suits might understand).

An Acronym meaning 'Library of Congress'. Popularized by /., it is used as a unit of electronic storage capacity, as in "Man, that rackmounted server must have 5 LOCs of storage!".

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