Keenspot was started a few years ago by struggling comic strip artists who were upset that the comic strip syndicates had a lock on getting published. Keenspot was intended to be a place where all struggling comic strip artists could host their work. Prior to Keenspot, few web comic strips existed online--the most notable examples were Kevin and Kell, User-Friendly, and Sluggy Freelance.

Keenspot soon proved to be very successful--in fact, much more successful than its founders had anticipated or planned for. Keenspot was, in fact, threatened by its own success. So many comic strip artists jumped on the bandwagon that bandwidth costs, combined with falling banner ad revenue in the wake of the dot-com crash began to endanger Keenspot's continued existence. After pleading for donations and adding pop-up ads to its reportoir, Keenspot instituted a premium subscriber program, where for a subscription fee all advertising would be removed, and pages could be aggregately viewed in a collection system called WarpKeen. It remains to be seen how successful this will be--but since Keenspot is still serving comic strips, they must be doing something right.

See the full Keenspot node for the list of Keenspot web comics in someone else's writeup; it would be redundant to duplicate it here.

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