"Tracking danger in the year 2066 A.D." A Keenspot web comic by Clint Hollingsworth. In the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest, tribal scout Ravenwing is training a motley crew of would-be scouts. Some of these are also from her tribe; others are from the more "civilized" remnants of humanity. However, many dangers lurk in this brave new world, both physical and spiritual--and Ravenwing and the others are often haunted (sometimes literally) by the ghosts of the past.

This comic strip combines serialized adventure, in the vein of Prince Valiant, with authentic tracking and wilderness lore in the style of Mark Trail, rounded out with a good dose of martial arts, mysticism and Native American lore. The usual format of the strip is four B/W strips, Monday through Thursday, with a full-color "Sunday" page on Friday, though this may vary depending on circumstances. The Wandering Ones website is located at http://www.wanderingones.com.

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