From the creators of KeenSpot, Comic Genesis (formerly KeenSpace) offers free online hosting for web comics. Of course this is not really free, every web comic has to display ad banners but regardless of how you feel about ad banners, if you're a new comic artist looking to get their work online, KeenSpace is tops. KeenSpace is currently host to new web comics such as Chopping Block, Gaming Guardians and Shinobi High. You can find them at

To prevent kiddies from taking advantage of this free service, the applications for membership are gone through by hand to prevent Comic Genesis from being turned into a haven for spammers and warez dumps. Those with pure motives will generally get their account anywhere from 4-8 weeks from filling out the form, according to the site. However, I got my account approved for Evolution Beta in two weeks, and was thus forced to release the strip only.

Of the 5000+ or so accounts on Comic Genesis, only 3000+ of them have ever had one strip put up, and even less are updated on a regular basis.

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