Fans! is a Keenspace-hosted online comic strip created by T Campbell. It features the members of the Science Fiction Club at an unnamed university: Rikk, the idealistic-yet-naive leader; Alisin, his flamboyantly Goth "wife"; Will, bodybuilder and cosplayer; Katherine, a power addict; Tim, a disgusting-yet-oddly-sweet hacker; Rumy, would-be manga artist; and Shanna, a reporter, who emphatically claims not to like science fiction.

The club, of course, has many sci-fi, fantasy, and fandom-related adventures, from love affairs with aliens to fighting vampires to saving the guest of honor at a convention. Somewhere in the shadows of each story lurks the FIB, the government bureau in charge of keeping the paranormal from public view and turning it to public use. Sometimes working against the club, occasionally asking its aid, the FIB is rarely uninvolved.

In the tradition of all great comic strips, Fans! is nearly always amusing, often witty and penetrating, and compassionate with the lives of its wonderfully realized characters. And, ah yes, the art is brilliant - though not drawn by Campbell.

Fans! can be found at In mid-2001, it did a crossover with College Roomies from Hell!!!.

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