Dransik is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) in a setting of medieval fantasy adventure.

You begin your career in Dransik on a place called “Tutorial Island” with a few minor skills and possessions. You have the option of many different professions and skills ranging from magic, farming, milling, lumberjacking, woodworking, cooking, fishing, mining, blacksmithing, combat, and looting.

During your adventures you will find a vast world in which you can explore. You will encounter quests, monsters, Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and thousands of fellow players. You have the opportunity to become a hero, but watch your step, or you may gain a reputation as a criminal.

New players are welcomed into the world, only at the expense of having proper etiquette and manners towards your fellow players.

For more information, the game is found at http://www.dransik.com. While there are several other helpful informational and fan sites to be found about the game.

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