Author of the dope PvP online comic strip. He does cartooning for a living. From his website at

Scott Kurtz has wanted to be a cartoonist since he was 9 years old. Although he created comics all throughout elementary school, high school and college, his work first appeared on the internet in 1998. Scott's earlier strips Wedlock and Samwise earned him his first (albeit small) online audiences and gained him notice in the computer gaming industry. PvP debuted on May 4th 1998 and has run ever since.

Scott cites his influences as: Jack Kirby, Jim Davis, Berke Breathed, Charles Schulz, Matt Wagner, George Lucas, Sergio Aragones, Pat Brady, Jeff Smith and Patrick Nagel. He attended the University of North Texas where his daily strip, Captain Amazing, appeared for four semesters in the college paper.

In June of 1999 Scott retooled the strip, and re-launched it as version 2.0. Since then PvP's popularity has grown and now receives millions of pageviews a month. One year later, on the anniversary of the re-launch, Scott quit his day job and now works on PvP full time.

PvP is a friend and family run business. The strip could not have succeeded without the loyalty and support of Scott's wife Angela, his family, friends and the strip's daily readers. The author wishes to thank each and every person who's taken the time to write, contribute, support, and spread the word about PvP.

Scott Kurtz, 29, is currently living the dream in Euless, TX with his wife of four years, their dog Kirby and cat Tiffany

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