Pentasmal is a daily comic drawn and written primarily by Aaron Farber. It is in full color, and was originally done using macromedia flash. However, it is now drawn freehand. It is the epic story of two unnamed characters and their wacky antics.

It can be found at -
Aaron hates Jerkcity.
The two unnamed characters are now dead. Aaron now uses a stream of conciousness style method to his cartooning, where every idea transgresses into the next, creating a seemingly unrelated chain of events that segue into one another. This current stream has started with an insane gourmet chef, and has since involved psychotic video gamers, girls who believe that lipgloss is a replacement for intelligence, and arsonists, lots of arsonists.
I'm sorry to announce that Pentasmal has left us. After a suspiciously long sabbatical, Aaron announced that he was discontinuing the comic, and that he had "lost whatever passion for this [he] once had". He left us only with two black and white sketches of comics (not very climactic ones either) as a reward for our wait.

While Aaron's pen may never put those timeless images of the Blue Guy and the Pink Guy again to paper again, they will live on forever in our hearts. Or something.

Pentasmal Online Comics

Update! Update! Update!
Aaron has a new comic, Men in Hats. The world cries out with joy.

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